5 Suitcases and 2 Kids


I’ve just settled back home, after a very extended trip to my family’s house in Karachi, Pakistan.

If I feel I have bragging rights over anything at all, it’s that I have quite literally travelled all over the world with my two kids in tow. I consider myself somewhat of an expert in this field and I’ve seen it all, from my bags being searched because of the motor in the bouncer, to the more dramatic request of me asking the pilot to turn the plane back to the airport just minutes before takeoff! So for all the mommies getting ready for your summer trips I have some advice for you:


1. Make sure everyone has the appropriate visas for all destinations (remember if you have a long layover you may want to leave the airport) and make copies of the passport pages.


2. If your child is eligible for a bassinet ( I think there is a weight limit of 20 pounds) ask for a bassinet and bassinet seat with your airline provider.

This is what a bassinet looks like, that’s Humza when he was 3 months, he slept most of the time in that thing.


3.Since the liquids that you can take on the plane are limited make a separate medicine bag and put it into a suitcase that is easily identifiable, so when you get to the final destination you are not opening all suitcases trying to find the ear drops or children’s Tylenol.


4. If possible ask family or friends ahead of time to research or recommend a pediatrician in the area you will be staying in.


5.Prior to traveling, get all shots up to date, ask for a copy of a vaccination records and ask the doctor if they recommend taking any prescriptions with you.


6.In your carry on pack enough formula and diapers to last you at least 4 days. This may sound over zealous but there have been times when the suitcase has arrived later or been misplaced.


7. Carry  lots of extra clothes (warm ones) in your carry on, my experience is that it’s always cold at the airports and on the plane.


8. If your kids are old enough let them pack their own carry on and put their toys, snacks, coloring things in their bag. (a great toy for the plane are those sketch pads with the magnetic pens)

9. Many airline providers offer special kids meals and even baby foods call ahead and see whats available.


10. Depending on the airline carseats and strollers are checked in for free, they do require a carseat cover which is available at Babies”R”Us. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3091046


Need more tips? Have specific questions? please ask!

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  1. Hey friends,
    so this is how it went down…
    Humza (my 3 year old) has asthma problems and to make matters worse he developed a cold the night before we were traveling, as we sat on the plane getting ready to take-off, Humza was getting restless by the minute and was laying on the floor, falling all over me, and was becoming lethargic because of his labored breathing. I was unsure about what to do so I asked a flight attendant if they had a power outlet on the plane so I could nebulize him. She said they didn’t have an outlet on the plane and that I need to make a decision fast of what I want the pilot to do before we takeoff(we were like third in line for takeoff). I was so confused but I knew that Humza was having a hard time breathing and that it would only get worse in the air. Thus I asked her to turn the plane around. It was such a good decision because when we got back to the airport EMT took him to the ER in a nearby childrens hospital. Alhumdillallah he was fine after a day at the hospital, but nevertheless one of the scariest and most stressful experiences I have had.

  2. Wow saman, im speechless! Im so sorry you had to go through something like this but it sounds like you handled it like a pro mashAllah! Im so glad everything went well and that quick thinking resulted in Humza getting better. So pround :))

    • Thanks Anusha…it was scary but I think motherly instincts kinda kicked in along with some adrenaline and I was able to handle it Mashallah

    • Aniqa!!! Thanks so much for commenting, honestly it means so much to me that you read this even though you have no kids 🙂
      love yah

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