Full Time Mom,Part Time Student

[Hazima lives part-time in Ashburn with her Husband and her 1 year old daughter, she is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. For fun she likes to hang out with friends and  read. Her all time favorite  book is The Hunger Games.]

I grew up with a mom who took care of her four children, ran a daycare in her home with four more children, enlightened all other surrounding aunties to open a day care in their homes and struggled to attain a teaching degree on evenings and weekends. I think I may have somewhat of an idea on how I may want to raise my kids, and remain sane.

Over the years I’ve come across moms that exercise attachment parenting, read and follow all of Dr. Sears’ advice, the nonchalant and go-with-the-flow mamas, co-sleepers, ones that will nurse until their children suck the life out of them, the full-time working moms that are feeling guilty of dropping off their children at daycare, and those moms that will continue to produce in order to populate our earth.

Out of all these moms, there was one particular mom that amazed me the most. This woman was traveling between three states one state where her husband was doing his residency , the other state where her parents lived (free babysitting), and going to college in the third state. Did I mention that she was also performing clinical studies in the poverty-stricken countries of Sudan and Ghana for her Ph.D dissertation. Wow…how do you?…and why do you?…girlfriend you are CRAZY!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” okay I didn’t read it, but I had the app on my iPhone. That counts right? But I never read up on what the first year would be like, nor did I bother to ask. I thought,“hey I partied till the AMs in college (with sisters of the MSA of course) and pulled all-nighters for my exams. This no sleep after you have a kid I can manage.”

Boy did I get hit by a bus, banged in the head, and circles under my eyes! Gas? Colic? Diaper Rash? Ear/Throat Infections? Awkward nursing times? All in all while traveling 200 miles back and forth each week to visit the in-laws? No thanks! This kid can cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it!

I felt as if my life had been compensated for, 24/7/365, someone change my name and move me to Wisconsin. I don’t know why I just chose that state. Seems like somewhere you’d want to go when you’re running away from your mama duties?

I felt as if I was the only person in the world dealing with all of this. My husband used to say; women have been doing this since Hawa (radhi allahu anha)’s time, what’s your beef? I was a first-timer that was my beef! So I decided I needed to do something that I could always give myself a pat on the back for. Something that was just for me, so I decided to pursue my master’s degree.

It’s not easy and its extremely tiring to watch lectures for your Master’s program into the wee hours of the night while your kid is soundly asleep and all you want to do is put your feet up. But I love the schedule and the sense of accomplishment I am getting in the process of having weekly lectures to watch, submitting homework, and studying for midterms and finals.

I would encourage moms to explore the many opportunities of attaining a bachelor’s, associate’s, or masters online in the comfort of your PJs. Besides certified universities there are numerous Qur’an classes, Tajweed and Tafseer classes that may be for you. There are many established institutes out there like, Bayyinah, Qurtuba and Al-Maghreb.

I believe all moms should do something that challenges them. Pick up a pottery class, an aerodynamics for engineers class, or a life of the Prophets class. You may just fill that tiny void in your heart, and be a happier and more fulfilled Mom and Wife. I’m not saying everyone drop your kids with your husbands and hop to Africa, but it’s amazing to see what we can be capable of.  Every mama deserves the chance!




8 thoughts on “Full Time Mom,Part Time Student

  1. Hazima, you hit the nail on the head! Your post was agood reminder. I think, for myself at least…I feel like there is more to pursue than the mom and wife title. Alhamdullilah it’s great so far and all…but I miss the challenging work days and my career women vision. Being a mom is def beyond a FT job, but I also think its important to do something for ourselves big or small because I feel we somewhat lose ourselves will fulfilling other roles. It’s good to be intellectually challenged so my brain doesn’t turn to mush:)

  2. love you, zima! beautifully written article on a great topic! love being a mother, love working, and loved going to school. they are all so fulfilling in their own ways… you are an inspiration 😉

  3. Hazima,
    You know this blog has been a step towards the right direction for me. When Abeer and I first started this we felt so empowered and felt like we were using parts of our brains that we hadn’t in a long time! Kudos to you and all the mothers who are working to empower themselves!

  4. Jzk for sharing! Alhamdullilah being a mother, wife and student is extremely empowering and rewarding. Being a mother/wife does not mean that your other ambitions and dreams have to be lost or buried away. I grew up with a mother (a chemist) who worked throughout our childhood but always had time for us. She was there to help with every school project, explained every impossible hw problem, packed our lunches, etc. She encouraged us to seek out deen and education, constantly reminding us that these are two things no one can take from you (Allah willing). I hope insha’Allah one day my kids will see me in the same light. Def motherhood brings challenges and responsibilities but with the correct intention, a supportive family and the help of Allah it can be done! I think every mother needs a little something for herself- whether its school, work, islamic classes, gym time etc.
    We are the best multi-taskers out there alhamdulillah 🙂

  5. Great article Hazima! Love your writing style! InshaAllah, many moms will read this and feel inspired… Or maybe give them that extra lil push they were waiting for 🙂

  6. Jazak Allah Khair everyone for the positive feedback! Saman it definitely is an awesome feeling when you use a part of your brain you haven’t for awhile. Just makes you feel Einstein-ish! But with everything I do ‘non-MOMish,’ I too hope that my kid would grow up to view that as an inspiration inshaAllah!

  7. Zimatic!

    Nice article. I need to meet this person with whom you’re so impressed! Yet, you’re a great momma yourself; you’re baby is healthy, and super cute, mashaAllah.

    If we didn’t continue to challenge ourselves, where would we end up?


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