Toddler First World Problems

1. Hot water not running long enough for steam bath. 


2. Forgetting to set the DVR to Super Why!


3. Getting stuck with dad’s old iPhone.


4. Mom restricting T.V time.


5. Having to drink low-fat milk to avoid the risk of obesity.


6. Not having enough space for all the toys.


7. Getting wiped instead of washed.


8. Being forced to sleep in their own fancy toddler bed

86701_CharlestonToddlerCot_RS_ 001

9. Having to sit in the car seat. 


10. Only being able to use rain boots twice and then outgrowing them.


11. Not having enough breakfast choices. 


12. Having to eat beef twice in one day.


13. Not being able to wear shorts in the house due to high AC-cooling.


14. Not having netflix in the car.


15. Not having a kids menu or crayons at a restaurant. 


3 thoughts on “Toddler First World Problems

  1. This is a topic I was just thinking about last night as my Internet was “slow.” These FWP are also in our lives. Are our children inheriting them from us or is it something we are living the same time as them? I do think that as parents we can downplay these problems…gone are the good old days of playing outside, toy cars and dolls. Technology is making us lazy and time has no value. It’s sad.

    • Your absolutely right, if our child is crying for our own convenience (and sanity) we’ll immediately resort to our DVR or hand them the iPhone rather than making an extra effort in finding alternate ways to entertain them.

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