Three Wives and the Diamond Set

More than a half-century ago when there was no border between Pakistan and India, My great grandfather, a charismatic man had three wives. He presented his first wife with a beautiful diamond necklace and bracelet set.

When my great grandmother first saw the grand set she was delighted and marveled at the size of the diamonds in the necklace. However she said to my great grandfather that although she loved the necklace she thought the diamonds in the bracelet were small in comparison. She suggested to her husband that she should keep the necklace and that he could give the bracelet to his other wife.

My great grandfather, a connoisseur of fine jewelry and real estate, did not want to break up the set. He told my great grandmother that he would order her a new set with the bigger diamonds. He then went to his second wife and offered her the diamond set, she loved the set and put on the necklace and the bracelet but her wrist was a little large and the bracelet didn’t fit.

Again, my great grandfather was insistent that he didn’t want to break up the set. He then went to his third wife and showed her the exquisite set. She loved it and everything fit her perfectly.

As promised he went again to the same jeweler who had made the original set to pick up the bigger set for my great grandmother. While the jeweler displayed the necklace and bracelet set to him a merchant who was also at the store caught a glimpse of the pieces being displayed and insisted that he wanted that set for his daughter.

The jeweler explained to the merchant that he could not sell it to him because it was a custom order made for Mr. Quraeshi. The merchant then turned to my great grandfather and pleaded with him to let him buy the set. He explained that it was for his daughters wedding and he would be proud adorning his daughter with such an dazzling set on her wedding day.

My great grandfather agreed and for the third time placed an order for the brilliant diamond set. Sadly, my great grandmother never did get her diamond set. My great grandfather was never able to return to the jeweler because of the historic Partition between India and Pakistan.

My great grandmother had expressed her disappointment in not receiving the diamond set that she had been waiting for. She regretted not keeping the first set that her husband had first brought to her. This has always been an important lesson and it is a reminder to always accept gifts graciously and don’t be too picky about your lot in life, because you never know what the future holds.

I am thankful to my family for these stories. Although I have never met my great grandparents these stories allow me to catch a glimpse of what their lives were like. To this day I feel the disappointment that my great grandmother must have felt.

May Alllah (SWT) grant my great grandmother a beautiful diamond set in Jannah  and reunite her and her children in Jannat-ul-Firdaus – Ameen



9 thoughts on “Three Wives and the Diamond Set

  1. Nice Saman 🙂 I remember Nanijan & Ami telling us all these stories full of lessons of life. May Allah bless all our ancestors Aameen

    • Tauheed Bhai,

      These stories are the only connection I have to our elders, I Hope to recount these stories as eloquently as Dadi Jaan and Phoppo jaan told them to us!

  2. May Allah (swt) grant all 3 of your great grandmothers and your grandfather & great grandfather alongwith other family members and all muslims who have passed away from the time of Hazrat Adam (a.s.) and who will pass away till the day of judgement a place in Jannat-ul -Firdous. Ameen.

  3. all I was thinking about through out this story is that great-grandmother Q was a woman of class masha’Allah, saying no to a bracelet bc the diamonds are too small is pretty legit lol

  4. Wow thank you that’s a real lesson I will be taking to heart. I have returned a few things my husband got for me. More recently, a perfume thinking I could get something I chose for myself. I returned it and now have store credit that I have yet to use

  5. But come to think of it it’s no comparison to a DIMOND set:) def wouldn’t return that but yea lesson learned!

    • Anusha,

      I’ve actually done it with a Diamond Ring! Lesson Learned – somehow I feel more connected to my great grandmother because of our shared experience 🙂

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