$100 for Honesty

As a child I distinctly remember my parents emphasizing honesty.  I’m not just talking about ‘no lying-always tell the truth’ type of honesty, but the type that’ if you find money on the street to go and donate it’ type.

However, there was one particular time where I was especially tempted to fall into the trap of shaytaan.  This trap was highly appealing due to the monetary value involved.

I was a college student and my roommate was going to the mall.  I had asked her to return something for me at The Limited and in return I told her they would give me a $50 store credit.

Once she came home she handed me the receipt along with the gift card.  I read over the receipt and instead of a $50 credit, it said $150 on it.

Bare in mind I was a college student and $150 was considered a jackpot for me.  Actually, its still a jackpot.

So I called the number on back of the giftcard and yep it was true, I had a good  $150 to spend.

As I was surfing the Limited site, Jiminy Cricket (Pinnochio’s conscious) dropped by.  I forgot to mention it was the month of Ramadan therefore Jiminy Cricket was more like a Jiminy Hippopotamus.(Shaytaan is locked up in Ramadan therefore you think twice about what you do). The hippo lead me to calling my mother, and she said one thing that hit home.

You wear hijab, you represent Islam, if you go in that store and return this card then it’ll give a good impression of Muslims”.

I instantly realized that returning the extra $100 is the right thing to do.

The next day I drove to the mall, walked into The Limited and went up to the cashier and told her what happened, her response

So you’re telling me we gave you $100 extra on this gift card?”  said the clerk.

That’s right I replied.  “Well i’m gonna have to call my manager about this” said the clerk.

The manager came out and again I explained to her what happened.

So let me get this straight,” said the manager. “We made the error of giving you $150 instead of $50 and you came back to let us know so that we can give you the correct refund?”

I nodded enthusiastically.

“I apologize for this error ma’am, but I’m really sorry you are just going to have to keep this gift card at the value of $150!” said the manager with a big grin on her face.

So, basically I got $100 for being honest, and I’m sure a good few people went home that night thinking that Muslim people are honest (and kinda crazy).

Needless to say, I did some Eid shopping at the Limited that year.

Something to be conscious about….