Short Version:
Once upon a time, two pregnant women met at a party.  After talking they realized their passion for wanting to be MORE than just the average Muslim moms.  Disappointed at their individual failed blog attempts, they now have put their mommy brains togethers, because two minds are better than one. Kudos to Biscuits and Banarsi!
Long Version:
Welcome to Biscuits and Banarsi, we’re so excited to finally launch our blog.  It may not seem like it but this was a massive project for us! In between children nap times, grocery runs, and dinner times, our blog managed to bloom and hopefully blossom insha’Allah! (God wills)Abeer has been telling me to blog for a very long time, I would look at her and say yeah I should do something and then settled back into complacency. Well I finally entered the exciting world of the “blogosphere” but not without my buddy!! We both decided that if we support each other we can do it insha’Allah!

Motivation to blog …. CHECK!

The next big thing was the name of our blog, two different people, one important decision. We toyed around with a lot of ideas, some seemed to click, others were nice but weren’t catchy enough, after browsing many blogs and getting even more confused about the direction we were going in we decided to keep it simple and pick two words that we liked.

Abeer suggested biscuits  and I loved it, now we needed another B word and I looked down at my dining chair and yelled BANARSI! (Banarsi is a very popular fabric in South Asia) thus our blog name “Biscuits and Banarsi”

Name of blog….CHECK!

Next we had to decide what we wanted to feature on our blog so we came up with the subtitle that would explain a little bit more of what B&B is about, and that subtitle is: ” A Mix of Motherhood, Faith and Humanity”

Why a mix? Well, simply because we wanted to talk about all issues important to us, such as living as Muslim women, our lives revolving around our family, and issues affecting our communities.


After some weeks and lots of lunch meetings, emails and inspirational talks later our blog is born.  Please cut us some slack, we’re new to this and we’re taking baby steps but send some love our way by commenting on our posts.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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