Decor de Islamica

Ramadan Mubarak! May we all make the most of this blessed and joyous month insha’Allah!  The feeling is shared amongst Muslims all around the world. However, for children who are not fasting, the Ramadan feeling may not be as strong.  Therefore, it is up to us to create that atmosphere for them.

It is up to us to instill that joy and excitement as Ramadan approaches. Aside from acts of ibadah and preparing iftar, another way to get the children involved is decorating the house for Ramadan and Eid.

A tradition that was started at my parents house was to put up lights on windows, doors, and even fireplaces. I hope to continue that tradition with Eesa.

I’ve included pictures of other decorating ideas.  Some of which are crafting ideas with kids, while others are decorations you can purchase.

1. Ramadan Mobile:  You can purchase the wood ring from a craft store (i.e Michaels) and use  yarn/construction paper to cut out the letters and hang them from the ring.


2. Garland: Use card stock or construction paper to make this nice garland


3.  Balloons: This picture led me to another idea, we can blow up 30 balloons and write out a good deed on a small piece of paper to put inside the balloon.  Every day pop/cut the balloon and try to implement the good deed written on the piece of paper. (i.e help put the dishes away, memorize an ayah etc.)

4.  Sadaqah Box: Help your children make a charity box.  You can use shoe boxes, tissue boxes or anything at all. You can decorate it with stickers, glitter or drawings.  It will be a fun way to encourage kids to donate.

My nephew Hasan made this, could be used through out the year!


5.  Paper stars & moons: that is a simple yet fun idea.  Cut up stars and moons, and use yarn to hang them up!


6. Paper Lanters: The caption contains the link on how to make these cute paper lanterns.


The following ideas/pictures are decorations you can purchase.

1. Ranoon offers wonderful decor, such as table toppers and crescent lights


2. ModernEid carries delightful and decent priced decorations.  They even have cupcake toppers and candy bar wrappers.


3. Noorart carries a wide variety of party supplies for Iftars and Eid parties.  They carry balloons, banners, plates, napkin and more!


5. Eid Creations: They have really neat looking plates and napkins!


I know there are a ton of more ideas out there, please feel free to share ideas and pictures, and we’ll post it on Biscuits & Banarsi!


Something to rejoice about….