Its a Wrap!

Have you guy started shopping for Eid gifts?  Some of us may even be thinking of how to wrap gifts. I recently discovered a new found hobby, gift wrapping. I think it is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful things you can do for a person. It can be the smallest of gifts, but with just the right wrapping it can make all the difference.
It can be fairly inexpensive (or not!) depending on where you go and what you do. So although I am quite new at this hobby, I figure I share with you whatever I know, in hopes of you sharing whatever you know!

1. Dollar Store: This is the best place for every gift wrapping material. Whether it be boxes, bows, gift wrap or baskets, this is the most cost effective place to get all that!
2. Target: Some of the best wrapping paper can be found in those dollar bins at Target. For one dollar you get a thick roll of wrapping paper. Every time I have gone I was able to find different and cute designs.
3.  A.C Moore/Michaels: This is the ultimate place, it is like the gift wrapping capital. It is indeed a gift wrapper’s dream come true. Although this place can get a bit pricey, but for the bigger or more expensive items you can use a 40% or 50% coupon. You can either print it online or get it off of your coupons iPhone app! They also have savings bins that contain really great items on sale, so be sure to check there frequently.
4. Home: GO GREEN!! If you look around, you’ll notice that a lot of times you have most of the gift wrapping items right under your nose. I’ve used old boxes, gift tissue, ribbons and newspapers!
5. Homegoods/Marshals: If you need fancy dishes or plates for handing out baked goods, this is an excellent shop for beautiful dishes for low prices.

Here are a few ideas, some are my own while others are well…others!

1. Cellophane is my number one must have. In the picture below is a ijab and bracelet wrapped in cellophane. I wrapped the hijab around a cardboard (a Kleenix cardboard to be exact!) then placed the bracelet on top with very little tape, used a golden ribbon and voila!
2. Pink Polka Dots: Normally when I use a colorful patterned wrapping paper, I put a plain color gift tissue on top. I feel like it really highlights the gift wrap. I decided to wrap the clothes in the box, and the shoes in the cellophane. If you have a few different items for your gift, then it may be a good idea to take one of the items and use it as an accessory topper for the gift! I used the sandals as a topper, I wrapped a cardboard in the gift wrap and then taped the sandals on. The gift was for a toddler so I decided to use foam letters (purchased from A.C Moore) to spell out her name.
3. Tissues can sometimes serve as good wrapping, for this spiderman gift, I tried to set the theme in red and blue. I used two sheets of red tissue, and decided to spell out the name using blue tissue. I would not recommend using tissue because it is extremely delicate and difficult to cut. Construction paper or cardstock would be a much better choice. Live and learn!
4. Fake flowers: The design on this tissue was too nice to be stuffed in a bag, so once again I used it as a gift wrap. I had a fake flower plant and decided to take the red flower out of it to use as a bow!
5. Old greeting cards serve as an excellent material in gift wrapping. I used an old Eid card for this gift. I decided to cut out the masjid and use it as a topper. I didn’t have white wrapping paper, so I just used the back side of another wrapping paper. White wrapping paper gives you a whole field to work with, you can use any color ribbon, topper, and in this case an old greeting card!
6. Baskets are a lot of fun to wrap. The picture is not too clear, but in this small basket I put a big jar of Yankee Candle and two Bath and Body Works’ hand soaps. I made sure all three things were a similar shade of blue. I used blue shredded paper as a filling, and wrapped the cellophane in a ice blue ribbon!
Here are pictures of other ideas…
I love how they used newspapers a a gift wrap and complimented it with a nice ribbon. Its ‘green’ and looks fabulous! Go Green!
This is my favorite, I love the plain white gift wrap with the lilac velvet ribbon, looks very elegant!
Newspapers strike again! This time they used newspaper to spell out the name, and paste it onto a plain wrapping paper, brilliant!
This gift was wrapped with plain white wrapping but then topped with fresh flowers. Simple yet beautiful!


I have used the Gifted Blog as a source of inspiration. It was quite flattering when one of my gifts got posted on that blog.  The blog offers a variety of ideas and tutorials.

Something to wrap about….