Easy Ramadan Prep for Busy Moms – Biscuits & Banarsi Style

Ramadan is only a week away!

I haven’t been able to get into the Ramadan Spirit so I thought i’d make a guide for myself and other Moms who want to be hyped for Ramadan!One of the reasons that I’ve been dragging my feet is because there is so much to do that it seems over whelming! so if making the 20,000 Samosas, decorating the house, while catching up on spiritual goals feels daunting…your not the only one!

Follow these easy  instructions to get you caught up in the Ramadan Spirit in no time  Inshallah!

1. Jam those Ramadan Nasheeds – (Click here for our favorites)


2.Organize a Samosa Fest – Call your family and friends and arrange a samosa making party (click here to see how one family makes it their annual tradition)

samosa featured image

3. Decorate your house for Ramadan (click here for our guide)



4. Make Ramadan baskets for your neighbors! (Our guide to making Ramadan Baskets)



5. Start your Ramadan Journal – a Journal in which you write the duas that you want to make during the blessed month

ramadan journal