Super Shan!

Shan is my hero…Shan Masala that is!  I have to admit I rarely cooked my first year of marriage.  No matter what I made or how easy the recipe would be, it would horribly fail.  My husband was a good sport, he would normally pile on ketchup, ranch dressing, or lots of salad. I, on the other hand could not tolerate my food.  Eating it was torture.  So needless to say ‘take out’ and ‘Mother-in-law’s cafe’ became our best friends!

Then one day, my mom said those vicious words that normally a mother in law would say…“I feel sorry for your husband, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, at least get shan masala and start cooking.”

There you have it, Shan came into my life and found the way to the stomachs of millions,  well not millions, but you know what I mean.

However, I don’t EXACTLY follow the recipe behind the Shan Masala box, here are a few things I do to change it up; (Note: Doesn’t have to be Shan, it could be any Masala box)

1.  When frying the onions, you can put ONE of the following items; a) green chili peppers, b) garlic clove slices, c) crushed red pepper, or d) cinamon stick.   Adding either one of those things will give a bit of aroma and a more “salan” type taste.

2.  If you are making chicken using Shan masala, after the dish is completed, for the last step add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice.  It gives it a more tangy flavor.

3.  Marinate the meat for a minimum of two hours with whatever masala you are using, the meat fully absorbs the masala and gives each bite a rich flavor.

These are a very small and subtle changes that change up the flavor.  If you have any additional tips, please share!

Something to cook about…