T.V Gates

Normally, babies or toddlers are put inside a play-yard to protect them from harming themselves.  However, in our not-so-normal household, we put our electronics and valuables inside the gated play yard to protect it from harms way.  In other words, our 18 month old is determined to destroy our EXPENSIVE toys.  When the television began to show white marks from the baby bangs we knew we had to do something to stop this behavior.

Some parents may look at this and wonder “why can’t she just say don’t touch.” Sadly, the concept of ‘yes/no’ hasn’t fully clicked in his little head yet.  So no need for the pointless huffing and puffing on my end and crocodile tears and rebellion on his.  Children have a long life of hearing do’s and don’ts so we might as well save that firm tone for when it is not only needed…but understood.  As you can tell from the picture, the problem has been solved indefinitely. You have to admit it is sheer brilliance.  Sigh, but it won’t be long before this active toddler uses his chair to climb over the gate.  Even the great wall of China wouldn’t be able to stop my little tarzan.